Service Fee

(Applied from September 12, 2018)


1. Commission fee is calculated base on total transaction value of each investor in 01 trading day, including buy and sell stock transaction.

2. Commission fee is applied for both matching and negotiation transaction.

3. TCSC reserves the right to change all numbers above without prior to notice to the client.

1 Open trading account Free
2 Deposit required to maintain the trading account    No requirement
3 Stocks/investment fund certificates.    Commission fee
Trading value ≤ VND 300 million 0.25%
Trading value > VND 300 million  and ≤ VND 700 million    0.20%
Trading value > VND 700 million 0.15%
Or placing trading order via Website (TC Trade Pro)   
4 Custodian fee    Max 0.4 VND/1 stock or Fund Cert.
5 Stock transfer fee (Min VND100,000/Stock)    Max 1 VND/1 stock or Fund Cert.
6 Cash advance (Min VND 30,000/time)    13.14%p.a
7 Overdue Interest rate    19.14%p.a
8 Non-term deposit interest    0.30%p.a

Interest rate on Margin loan

(Applied from July 9, 2018)

1 TTR >= 2 13.14%
2 1.5 <= TTR < 2    14.64%
3 0.5 <= TTR < 1.5    16.14%
4 TTR < 0.5    17.64%


1. Trading turnover rate (TTR) = Total trading value (backward 03 months) divides by margin loan at the end of month.

2. Margin loan interest for margin account opend less than 03 months is applied at level 1 (13.14%/p.a). TCSC will consider adjusting margin loan interest based on TTR from the month 04 onward. (For example: The margin account opened on April 1, 2018, then the interest will be considered adjusting based on TTR from July, 2018.

3. At the end of each month, TCSC will calculate TTR in order to set margin loan interest applied for the next month.

4. TCSC reserves the right to change all numbers above without prior to notice to the client.


 bieu phi dich vu

List of marginable stocks

(With effective from July 9, 2018)

Duration of margin loan

  • Not exceed three (03) months from the date of disbursement of the loan.
  • The loan may be extended for no more than 03 months.

Maintenance Margin Requirement and Margin Call/Force

(With effective on July 9, 2018)
  • Margin Call rate: 40%
  • Margin Force rate: 35%.
  • When margin ratio hits Call/Force margin rate, TCSC will issue notice to customers, including but not limited to telephone, email, SMS, .... The customer is obliged to pay additional money or sell the securities in your account to give account of safety status.


In TCSC, customer’s satisfaction is the priority for all activities and services of the Company


We stimulate our staff to work in teams, the final results will reaped the fruit of each labor of teams will be also the achievements of each member. The contribution and cooperation of each member will create the strength of the whole company.


We encourages employees to share their opinions, information and experience to get the highest efficiency in their work.


Our success depends on the balance of satisfying the reasonable benefits of customers and employees. It requires the wholehearted cooperation of all Company’s members.


We also focus on improving and enhancing the professionalism of staff in order to reach the target of the Company’s sustainable development.

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